Bio: Belonging to one of the oldest faculties in the ancient University of Oxford in the UK, Dr. Ali Ghalib fondly shares to his students how, over 800 years ago, St. Albans native Alexander Neckham gave moral and biblical lectures on the Wisdom of Solomon and the Psalms of David. Ali has always been proud of the Faculty’s long history, which has inspired him to maintain a perpetually positive mindset while working in the Study of Religion and working in the world’s major religious traditions. Being one with the rest of the faculty in exploring the inherent connection between religion and science, Dr. Ghalib has been credited with several publications including: Public Behavior: Doing Christian Ethics (Erdmann’s, 2012); The Religious and Moral Voice in Public Places (Oxford, 2010); Dwellings of Gods: Politics, Faith, and Pluralism in Christianity, Judaism and Islam (Blackwood, 2009). Ali Ghalib has made it his life’s passion to teach, research and deliver the faculty’s syllabus while optimizing on his deep commitment to develop students who can witness religion in their personal lives and influence the world more greatly. Working with College chaplains, research fellows, tutors and lecturers, Ali upholds the various research interests of the University postholders via his active and thoroughly committed membership in the Centre for The Study of Theology and Modern European Thought established in the Faculty of Theology and Religion of the University of Oxford. When he’s not assisting graduate students in their research, thesis and coursework, Ali Ghalib enjoys making pilgrimages to military cemeteries. That is aside from playing cards with his colleagues and students and reading history.

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