Committed to exploring the use and influence of the Bible aside from promoting the interdisciplinary study of the relationship existing between modern European thought and theology, Ali Ghalib aims to be able to strongly contribute to the vision mission of the Faculty of Theology and Religion in the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Working mostly with undergraduate students, Dr. Ali feels honored to be able to promote the development of individuals who willingly take ministerial or chaplaincy work in various institutional settings such as police, military, trade and industry, ambulance, prisons and hospital. Ali himself has rendered his services in the different social welfare arms of charities and the church including marriage and family counseling, overseas development aid and communication functions. Every year, he looks forward to University Undergraduate Open Day, patiently manning the registration booths for the Faculty of Theology and Religion in order to accept undergraduates for Theology Courses. Dr. Ghalib has also regularly conducted Taster Lectures on such events, finding immense enjoyment in interacting with students and colleagues to discuss the place of religion in the world, the study of the relation between science and religion and the study of world religions. He has penned Christian Theology articles published in the Oxford Theologian Magazine. He is a member of the Centre for the Study of Theology and Modern European Thought based in the Faculty of Theology and Religion of the University of Oxford. His research interests include theories of natural law, the contribution of religion to the overall health of liberal societies and the evolution of a concept of ‘public reason’ that promotes the mobilization of metaphysically paradoxical positions.


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